lördag 28 november 2009

First pics, Dennis goes nurgleshopping

so to start my nurgle collection off i had to get some kind of cool mini to get me painting etc, so i bought Forgeworlds Mamon mini, this is one big demonprince and hes got alot of cool stuff going fpr him, also he will be a challenge to paint.

here he is in a bag with my mortifactor dread for size comparison
unassembled and in a bag:


i also fetched the Necrosius mini aswell, he wont see much playtime i guess but i wanted him for some paint so to say, here he is in various stages of uncompletion:

tomorrow i will add some mortifactors and a pic of the painted start of Mamon....stay tuned.

First post on this, my one and only mini-blog

it might be a cliché that a death(extreme)-metalfan starts a blog titled miniatures of death!, but thats what im creating, i currently am working on two projects on either side of the divide between good and evil in the wh40k universe, i have my pretend goodies the Mortifactor space marines, and i have my not so much pretend nurgle project that will be spinning out of hand soon. on top of these two im also getting more and more involved in a necromunda thing...

some readers might recognize some of my minis from other places such as cmon, b&c or unispel, to you guys i can just say that this blog will be seeing alot more updates aswell as some "special items" such as tutorials and rants. rants could be mini related but will also be somewhat music related, since i cant paint or create without my music. so here we go.....