torsdag 25 februari 2010

New order arrived yesterday.

the promised pictures will be posted soon.

anyhooo, yesterday i recieved my latest installment for my Mortifactors, 5 assault marines, Dante and Ezekiel. for the upcoming BA codex i am focusing my efforts at creating a strong assault force from my shooty marine army.
these five assault marines will be accompanied by five more once theyre painted. i will also make great use of my redeemer which im in the middle of painting at the moment, this will be filled with my space hulk termies painted as mortifactors with all BA iconography removed or covered.
on the non assault points i will be using dreadnoughts, i have the one from AoBR already and will get atleast two more in a foreseeable future, one of those furioso dreads and a venerable i guess.

but right now im mostly painting and building my force in anticipation of what the codex will look like....

måndag 15 februari 2010

Gone for a while

as the title sys ive been gone for a while, dont think im not doing anything but at this moment im mostly working myself up over the Blood angel codex and all the minis that it will give us, i will play my Mortifactor army as Blood angels.

since i have a bunch of painted minis already all i have to do is add the new ones when they arrive to fill out or complement.

i also started Warmachine recently and joined a league to get some playtime, pics will be flooding these pages soon.

lördag 9 januari 2010

Look what i found browsing though my PB account

its a mini tutorial in freehand painting, this is the simplest one ive ever made but i think it really explains the basics of what i do.


a bit simple as said....

more stuff will be coming up soon, im working as hard as i can to get more minis to show, more new minis that is :D


tisdag 5 januari 2010

Taking a break from anthropology studies...

...gave me the time to do this:


its about 3 hours into the process and the skin is almost done, now on to the disgusting stuff...moahahahhaa.....

Fur! you say...

so on request i tried to paint what 90% of the GW gaming community seem to be painting, wolf-fur. this is not the definite guide, nor do i claim to have the answrs needed and i do confess that it could look better, but just tweak it a bit and i bet you´ll find it sufficient. the mini is not a space wolf, its something far more sinister, the lord of khorne on juggernaught....

as usual i started off with a fortress grey basecoat, this was then given a quick wash of p3 menoth white base (sort of bleached bone).


this was then again shaded in the middle to keep the lighter colours towards the edges of the fur, this happens to look better than a covering layer, dont ask me why.
the shade was done with P3 bloodstone, the jar is in the pic for all out there that dont use this colour, just match whatever you use...


some more of that...


i then added umbral umber from the P3 line to this, its a dark brown colour, scorched brown from GW could do it i guess, with this i kept going at it in the middle making sure to leave some of the lighter colour towards the edges. as a final shade i added some black to this and splashed that on in a controlled manner in the middle:


to finish the fur i started highlighting individual strands using P3 Menoth white base-menoth white highlight-skull white from GW (bleached bone-50/50 bleached bone and white-skull white)the lightest coloyrs were reserved for the lightest parts of the fur, the dark areas did not get any highlights since i felt that the colour they had was nice enough.


and to finish the area i painted the skin of the furry friend in the same manner as i usually paint normal "human" skin to keep with the warm colours of the mini....


hopefully this helps in some way, i dont just a stressed out student/father :D