torsdag 25 februari 2010

New order arrived yesterday.

the promised pictures will be posted soon.

anyhooo, yesterday i recieved my latest installment for my Mortifactors, 5 assault marines, Dante and Ezekiel. for the upcoming BA codex i am focusing my efforts at creating a strong assault force from my shooty marine army.
these five assault marines will be accompanied by five more once theyre painted. i will also make great use of my redeemer which im in the middle of painting at the moment, this will be filled with my space hulk termies painted as mortifactors with all BA iconography removed or covered.
on the non assault points i will be using dreadnoughts, i have the one from AoBR already and will get atleast two more in a foreseeable future, one of those furioso dreads and a venerable i guess.

but right now im mostly painting and building my force in anticipation of what the codex will look like....

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  1. Du har möjligtvis inte lust att skicka min modell som jag köpte av dig snart?

    / Lord_Latex