måndag 28 december 2009

Faces/skin tutorial

this has to be the simplest tutorial of this painting phenomenon ever made, i did it in 25 minutes so the mini is not all that it can be so to say.

its all about colour theory and knowing that skin is not beige/brown/pink/whatever, its alot more complicated than that, in fact its to complicated to hastily recreate on a mini in this scale. but there is lots of colour in our skin that we take for granted and alot of people ignore them when painting it.
in this example i use a standard metal space marine scout from GW. the colours are from a variety of manufacturers and the colours are all over the place i guess.

skin colours:
P3 khardic flesh
GW Catachan green
P3 beaten purple
Rackham pearly flesh
GW skull white

P3 Menoth white base
P3 Menoth white highlight

P3 Menoth white highlight
GW chaos black

so to get a quick idea i created this picture of all the stages (kind of) and i will write some to complement it aswell.


Picture 1
a fortress grey basecoat is covered with some khardic flesh, i use grey because i like it and i think it works best, matter of taste i guess.

pic 2
i shade this using the green as a wash, make sure you think about lighting when doing this as it will help later.

pic 3
the purple was added as a wash to the hollows of the eyes to make him look a bit angrier.

pic 4
clean up time, go back over the mini with khardic flesh. keep the shades in the recesses.

pic 5
this was taken after ive been mixing pearly flesh with khardic flesh for about 3-4 highlights always going one nuance lighter. do this up to pure pearly flesh.

pic 6
here i added white to the pearly flesh, going up to pure white, during these highlights stages the lighting is very important to remember. i use a zenithal light on this mini which means that the lightsource is situated somewhere above the mini (straight up).

pic 7
the eyes and teeth are painted, no need for any deeper instructions here i guess. the surrounding areas were given a basic coat to make the face stand out more and not look so messy.

im sorry the pic is a bit bad but hopefully you understand what i have done.

cheers and thanks for looking.

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  1. i can add that this is the technique ive used for my entire Mortifactors army and on alot of other minis that i have done over the years, i just substitute the coloured shades depending on what effect i want to create.