fredag 4 december 2009

Remember these guys?

for today i have actually painted some on my demonprince, not much but its one step cloder to completion. its pretty much just an expansion of the colours ive already used on the face but still. the aim is some seriously sick pale flesh, and theres lots of colours to go from now, so expect the nuances etc to change over time, this is just some sort of base layer to create the colourchanges later on.
i also mnaged to get the base of the herald painted, i photographed the steps but i dont think its necessary to add a tutorial of it up to this point, im hoping people know how to drybrush, wash, blend and stipple anyways. there will be lots of veggies on these bases since im a little bored with cityfight/wasteland bases by now.

here are the pics:




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